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French citizen. Norwegian resident.  

To this day, after more than 20 years, Norwegians still perceive me as just “soooo French”, while the French see me as a foreigner and call me “the Norwegian". 


My background is also a bit of a mix. As a ballet student in the French Conservatoire, I hesitated for a long time whether to pursue an artistic career. But eventually I went to business school, and worked for many years as an international business consultant. 

I later studied photography in Oslo, both at Bilder Nordic and Oslo Photo Art Institute (OFKS).  


From being a hobby, photography has grown to become not only my passion, but also my profession. 


I am especially interested in catching movements and intense body expressions. I work primarily with theatres and dancers, on stage but also backstage.  I love capturing instant glimpses and feelings from artists everyday life. In particular the day of a show, just before or after the performance, when tension and joy culminate.


France and Norway have so far been my primarily stages of work. In 2017, I have extended my experience to Russia, with works in both St Petersburg and Moscow, two of the world’s major dance cities. A rich exchange that I will repeat.  I am open to international assignments.


Not everything can be said with words. Body movement is a form of infinite expression. So is photography. The combination may even be considered the ultimate universal language.

© 2016 Anne-Sylvie Bonnet -

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